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Rental Conditions


Saray Holidays General Rental Conditions

When you reserve a villa with Saray Holidays, you agree with the following conditions. We recommend that all of our guests familiarise themselves with our conditions and all other information provided on the website.

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1.    Type of agreement:

Saray Holidays mediates in the creation of rental agreements between owners and tenants. The rental agreement is always made between the owners and the tenant. Any rights and obligations arising from the rental agreement apply solely to these parties. Saray Holidays acts as a representative for the owners and has no further liability, other than that which could be attributed to the mediation. In any event, the liabililty of Saray Holidays cannot exceed the rent (to be) paid by the tenant.  Saray Holidays is at all times entitled to refuse guests or cancel reservations.

2.     Liability of the tenant

Throughout the tenancy period of the holiday home, the tenant will be fully liable for the rented accommodation, the furnishings and all other items associated with the rented accommodation. Any damage that is suspected to have been caused by the tenant and/or any co-resident(s), and for which no evidence to the contrary has been provided, will be charged in full to the tenant at the replacement value. Any payment due should be made immediately to the home owner or the representative of the owner. The manager is authorised to deduct any such payments from the deposit.

3.    Liability of Saray Holidays

The liability of Saray Holidays will be limited in any event to a maximum of one rental payment. Saray Holidays cannot be held liable for any damages and/or costs incurred by the tenant. Saray Holidays cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever, suffered by or caused by any tenants of the holiday homes mediated by Saray Holidays. Saray Holidays cannot be held liable for any errors in the accommodation description, tariffs and locations included on their website. Saray Holidays is not bound by apparent errors or mistakes in the description and location details of any accommodation offered by Saray Holidays.

4.    Travelling with peace of mind

The enthusiastic team of Turkish and Dutch staff at Saray Holidays will do everything in its power to make our guest’s stay in Turkey as enjoyable as possible. Our company was founded in 2012. When we started, three homeowners offered their villas for rental. Since then, the numbers have grown steadily.  Saray Holidays was founded by Matthieu Borst and Charlotte de Lannée de Betrancourt, two very committed visitors to Turkey. Saray Holidays is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar – Reg. no. 37144100 The Saray Holidays physical address is:

Duinweid 5
1713 GE Obdam
(Visitors by appointment only)

5.    Number of persons

The description of the holiday home on our website includes the maximum number of guests that may stay in the holiday home. This number may not be exceeded under any circumstances unless written permission was obtained from Saray Holidays. Failure to meet this condition may result in the tenant being denied further access to the holiday home on forfeit of the rental amount.

6.    Reservation

Any reservation made on the website will be considered an acceptance of the General Rental Conditions and the reservation will be final. Written confirmation will be sent within 24 hours including the relevant details and invoices. Failure to provide initial payment within 5 working days of the invoice date will result in the reservation being cancelled. See also "Payment Conditions".  The conditions adopted for any cancellations are described under the heading "Cancellations". Any amendments wished to be made by the tenant, (if practicable) should be submitted 28 days before the date of arrival. Saray Holidays will charge an amendment fee of €25. Any amendments made to the destination or to any reserved accommodation, or a reduction in the length of stay or the number of guests, will be considered to be a cancellation. The conditions described under the heading "Cancellations” will then apply.  

6.1.    Cooling-off period
Any reservations made through the  website are final. The so-called
"cooling-off" period ("afkoelingsperiode") described in the Dutch "distance selling" act (Wet "kopen op afstand") or any equivalent acts does not apply to holiday travel booked through our website.

7.    Reservation fees

We charge reservation fees for placing the reservation, for organising the service and for maintaining contact between the homeowners and tenants. The amount of the reservation fees for each villa are included in the tariff section.

8.    Payment Conditions

Saray Holidays has adopted the following payment conditions: On reservation of one of our villas, an initial payment of 35% will be payable within 5 working days of the invoice date. Should we not receive this payment within this period then the reservation of the villa will be declared void. The remaining balance for the holiday should be paid no later than 8 weeks before the date of arrival. Any reservations made for a villa within 8 weeks of the date of arrival should be settled in full within 7 working days of the invoice date.

9.    Deposit

All villas offered by Saray Holidays are privately owned. The owners take great pride in their villas, which is why the payment of a deposit is required for the villa, the garden and the furnishings. This deposit is payable 8 weeks before the date of arrival and is included on the invoice. The deposit will be repaid into your bank account within 14 days of departure from the villa. Any identified damage to or missing items from, in or associated with the holiday home will be deducted from the deposit. Any damage or defects not brought to the attention of Saray Holidays and the local manager within 24 hours of arrival, will be deemed to have been caused by the tenant(s). The amount of the deposit for each villa is included in the tariff section.
Saray Holidays cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the deposit and will not be responsible for any increase and/or repayment of any deposit in the event of disputes arising from any damage to the villa or accommodation rented by the tenant. Saray Holidays cannot act as mediators in relation to deposit issues between the tenant and the homeowners.

10.    Rent

The amounts shown for each accommodation in the price table are shown in euros, per person per week. The minimum occupancy for a villa is two persons. Saray Holidays observes a dynamic pricing policy, which is dependent on the demand for an available period. Occasionally, Saray Holidays may offer last-minute deals or other special offers where the rental amount offered on the website at any given time may deviate from that already paid by you.  Any prices quoted when the reservation is made are always current.

10.1.    Gas, water and electricity

Any gas, water and electricity used during the holiday period is included in the rent and will not be charged separately unless excessive consumption is observed.

10.2.    Final cleaning

The rental amount adopted by Saray Holidays includes the final cleaning following the departure of any tenants. The villa is supplied to the tenant clean and ready for use. Any comments relating to cleanliness or the inventory should be made immediately to the local manager on the day of arrival. Saray Holidays kindly requests you to leave the accommodation tidy. This involves:
•    cleaning and putting away the crockery and cutlery;
•    emptying the dishwasher;
•    emptying the refrigerator;
•    arranging the patio furniture;
•    clearing any rubbish from the garden or patio;
•    placing any household refuse in the waste containers provided;
•    returning games, books and/or DVDs to where they were found and in their original packaging where applicable.
If you fail to leave the holiday home tidy as described above, the manager is authorised to deduct any extra cleaning costs from the deposit.

10.3.    Service

All villas offered by Saray Holidays are considered to be accommodation only: no meals are provided. However, we do supply a welcome package on your arrival containing the initial basic requirements.

10.4.    Bed linen

The rental amount adopted by Saray Holidays includes the bed linen and bedding. Hand towels are supplied as standard, but bath and beach towels are not supplied (so don't forget to pack some!).
Generally speaking, the bed linen should last you for one week. Longer stays will require a compulsory cleaning when the bed linen will be changed. Hand towels can be taken as needed and these will be in adequate supply. There is also a washing machine in every villa, so you may wash your own laundry (if you wish). Please take great care with the bed linen. Use hand towels more than once. We all have a duty to reduce pollution of the environment.

10.5.    Swimming pool

All villas offered by Saray Holidays have a private swimming pool. Bathing is at your own risk. Neither Saray Holidays nor the owners of the villas can be held liable for any accidents that occur in or around the swimming pool.

10.6.    TV

There is a TV available in all accommodation, usually receiving Dutch channels as well. Please read the user instructions carefully. Saray Holidays cannot be held responsible for the absence or poor reception of certain broadcasts.

11.    Travel documents and visas

You can travel to Turkey using either a passport or an identity card. However, it is important that your travel documents are valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in the country. Please make sure that your travel document meets this requirement before you travel. On arrival in Turkey, you will need to purchase a visa. Visas can be purchased in the airport at the "Visa" counter and will cost €15 per person. To ensure that this runs smoothly, make sure you are carrying the correct amount of cash.
Saray Holidays cannot be held liable if the tenants or their fellow traveller(s) are not in possession of the correct and valid travel documents.

12.    Arrival and departure

Saray Holidays do not observe fixed arrival and/or departure days. The tenant is free to determine the date of arrival and departure. The minimum rental period is one week (8 days, 7 nights).  
You will receive a voucher by post two weeks before the arrival date. You will need to show this voucher to the local manager. This voucher includes directions, the key collection point, your scheduled arrival time and the time you will be required to check-out. Check-in time is usually from 15:00 hours, check-out time is no later than 10:00 hours.
Saray Holidays can arrange a transfer for you if you wish. The transfer will take you to your accommodation where you will be given the key. Details of the transfer will be included on the voucher together with some important telephone numbers. Be sure to check all the details on your voucher before leaving for your holiday villa. If you notice any errors, please contact Saray Holidays as soon as possible.
Should you wish to receive the voucher by post, we will charge €10 postage and administration fees. Saray Holidays will donate €5 of this fee to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

13.    Travel insurance

Saray Holidays advises all of our guests to take out travel insurance. Check that your policy includes a liability insurance in case you or your fellow travellers cause any (serious) damage to the accommodation. We may ask you for proof of such an insurance if you are renting a villa in the higher price bracket and/or one with extra luxurious furnishings.

14.    Cancellation and cancellation insurance

Saray Holidays advises all of our guests to take out a cancellation insurance. Saray Holidays has adopted the following cancellation conditions: Sixty (60) days’ notice is required for any cancellation. Any cancellations made longer than 60 days before arrival will not be subject to a financial penalty. Any payments already made by the tenant will be returned. Any cancellations and/or amendments to the rental period that result in a shorter stay and that are made within 60 days of the arrival date, will result in the forfeit of the right to the repayment of any advance payments. Cancellation or early departure will also forfeit the right to any rent repayment.
Saray Holidays should be notified of any cancellations by email without delay. The date on the written confirmation sent by Saray Holidays will be considered to be the date of cancellation.

15.    Cancellation by Saray Holidays

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Saray Holidays is required to cancel your reserved holiday home, you will be notified immediately. Wherever possible, Saray Holidays will offer an alternative villa. Should this alternative not be acceptable or if no alternative is offered, then any advance payments made by the tenant will be refunded. Saray Holidays has no other obligation towards the tenant other than that of the refunding of this amount.

16.    Car hire and transfer

Saray Holidays can arrange a transfer from the airport to your villa. This eliminates a lot of searching, and will allow you to start enjoying a relaxing holiday as soon as you arrive in Turkey. Saray Holidays can also arrange for a hire car to be delivered to your villa. The arrangement of a hire car and transfer by Saray Holidays should be seen as part of our service and is offered free of charge to the tenant. Any payment for the transfer and car hire should be paid to the driver. Saray Holidays can in no way be held responsible for the transfer and car hire.

17.    Vaccinations

In some cases, it may be necessary to be vaccinated before travelling to Turkey. Further information is available at the NHS website or from your GP. Saray Holidays does not provide vaccination information – this is your own responsibility.

18.    Amenities

Not all of the sports facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, nightlife venues, etc. included in the holiday description are open daily or all year round. Saray Holidays cannot be held responsible for any amenities that are closed during your holidays for any reason.

19.    Furnishings and inventory;

Please remember that the accommodation is usually furnished by the owner and so the furniture and upholstery may not be to your personal taste. The photographs of the interior are only intended to provide a general impression of the accommodation. Occasionally, the interior may differ slightly to that shown in the photographs on our website. Saray Holidays can in no way be held responsible for this.
It is forbidden to make any changes to the interior. It is also forbidden to rearrange the inventory.

20.    Distances

The distances provided in the accommodation description, to the town centre, beach and other places of interest, are always shown as the crow flies. So please be aware that these distances may vary when travelling on foot or by car. Any extra distance due to differences in altitude have not been taken into account.

21.    Preferences

Please inform us if you have any special preferences when making your reservation. Saray Holidays will do their upmost to meet your requirements, but cannot guarantee that your preferences can be catered for.

22.    The disabled

Villa Izarra is the only accommodation included on this website that is equipped with special facilities for disabled guests. However, Saray Holidays cannot be held responsible for the absence of any required provisions for the disabled, either at Villa Izarra or at any other of the villas.

23.    Child friendly

Some of the villas on our website - - are classified as child friendly. Child friendly means that they have: a safety barrier around the swimming pool, a high chair, a cot and a number of toys. However, Saray Holidays cannot be held responsible for the absence of any required provisions for children at any of the villas including those classified as child friendly.

24.    Pets

Pets are not allowed in any of the accommodation provided on this website.

25.    Fires and fireworks

During the summer months in Turkey, the land becomes extremely dry and so the lighting of open fires and the use of fireworks is strictly forbidden. This ban applies all year round.

26.    House rules
All villas offered by Saray Holidays are provided with a folder containing helpful information about the area together with a copy of the house rules. The tenant is required to read the house rules thoroughly and to convey them to any fellow guests. We expect all guests to abide by these house rules.

27.    Delayed arrival

Saray Holidays can in no way be held responsible for any delays due to late flights or delayed car journeys. No reimbursement will be made for late arrivals.

28.    Lost property

Saray Holidays is not responsible for the loss of any luggage during the journey or during the stay in one of our accommodations.  Should you lose anything or in case you have forgotten something, please let us know as soon as possible. Saray Holidays will do their utmost to trace your missing property. Any delivery charges associated with the tracing of any lost property will be charged to the tenant. Saray Holidays cannot be held liable for the permanent loss or damage of any property.

29.    Complaints procedure

Saray Holidays and the local manager should be informed of any defects with the villa immediately on your arrival or certainly no later than 24 hours after your arrival. This will allow us to quickly rectify any problems. Saray Holidays cannot be held liable for any structural defects such as burst pipes, faulty air conditioning or any other inconvenience (such as: power cuts, building work, not being able to use the swimming pool or the malfunction of any of the home appliances). No compensation will be paid in the event of force majeure (something that could not have be foreseen, or was beyond the influence of, or could not have been prevented by Saray Holidays).
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your rented accommodation, you hereby agree to contact both Saray Holidays and the local manager immediately on arrival. Saray Holidays will then deal with your complaint if they possibly can. Any opportunity to make a claim will be forfeited if you fail to submit your complaint immediately. On receipt of a complaint, Saray Holidays will do their utmost to ensure that any problems are quickly rectified to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. All tenants should inform both Saray Holidays and the local manager of any damage to the accommodation immediately, irrespective of whether the damage was caused by them or by the previous tenants.

30.    Environment

Saray Holidays loves our planet, which is why we do our best to reduce pollution. Hard copies of letters will therefore only be sent when specifically requested. All correspondence with Saray Holidays will be by email and telephone. We do not publish travel guides, but instead prefer to place all of our information on the website. Please consider the environment during your stay: turn off the air conditioning or heating when you leave the villa, turn off any lights that are not required and dispose of your rubbish in the waste containers provided. Please also bear this in mind when you are out and about!

31.    Privacy

Saray Holidays will require your personal details when you place a reservation for a villa. These details will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be made available to any third parties.

32.    Turkey as a holiday destination

Turkey is an excellent choice for a holiday destination. A pleasant climate, magnificent nature and culture, extremely friendly people and with beaches that are never far away.
However, you should bear in mind that Turkey is quite different to the Netherlands. Although the country has improved enormously in many ways, you can still be confronted occasionally with erratic electricity and water supplies.  You will also find that the food in the restaurants is quite different from what you are accustomed to. So be careful where you go to eat and make sure the rules of hygiene are being observed. Sometimes it appears that the Turkish population have little regard for the environment. It is not uncommon to see rubbish thrown at the side of the road. Please don't do the same – always place your rubbish in the waste containers provided. Turkish traders are known to be occasionally somewhat pushy. Refuse to be coerced into a deal and avoid eye contact were possible (if you do not wish to buy anything). Just make light of it and go happily on your way. Generally speaking, the culture in Turkey is hospitable and friendly. It can be quite inspiring to listen to one of the locals telling you how proud he is of his native country while enjoying his hospitality and a glass of his "Çay". Try to adapt to the Turkish customs and traditions. Open your heart to Turkey and, just like Saray Holidays, you will become hooked.
33.    Prevalence
These General Rental Conditions have been translated from Dutch. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Dutch version, the Dutch version shall prevail.

Saray Holidays