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Travel information

Travel information

When travelling to Turkey, good preparation is essential:


Make sure you have the correct travel documents. Anybody entering Turkey, must be in possession of a valid passport or proof of identity. Your passport or proof of identity should be valid for at least 3 months from the date of your intended departure from Turkey.


On arrival in Turkey you will be required to purchase a visa (this will cost €15 per person, payable in cash). If you have a passport, it will be provided with a sticker. If you have a proof of identity, the sticker will be attached to a separate piece of paper or card. Keep this in a safe place as you will need it when you leave the country!


A vaccination is not normally required for a (short) stay in Kuşadasi. Saray Holidays advises all of their clients to obtain their own relevant vaccination information. This information can be obtained from the NHS or from your own GP. Be wary of any raw meat or fish. Turkey is a tropical country where bacteria can spread rapidly. Do not drink water straight from the tap but purchase bottled water for drinking.


All payments in Turkey are made in Turkish Lira. Chip & pin can be used almost anywhere. It is often possible to pay in euros, but be sure to check the exchange rate being offered.


Turkey is one hour ahead of the Netherlands and two hours ahead of the United Kingdom.

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