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Beaches around Kusadasi

Beaches around Kusadasi

Kuşadasi has a variety of beaches scattered along its 40 km coastline. There is something for everyone, so if you wish, you could visit a different beach on every day of your holiday. The main advantage of Kuşadasi is its constant light winds, making a day on the beach an extremely pleasant experience.

Its light cooling afternoon breeze can be extremely welcome, especially in the high season. In the morning the sea is like a millpond, with waves developing in the afternoon.  The beaches are usually somewhat quieter in the spring and autumn seasons, however they do become busier in July and August. The Turkish people also enjoy some time on the beach, so it can get extremely busy, especially during the weekend. However because of the variety of beaches on offer, you can occasionally find one that is "deserted", even during the high season. Below is a summary of some of the best beaches:

Town Beach

Stadsstrand KusadasiFollow the boulevard from the town centre in the direction of the harbour, and on your left-hand side you will notice a large sandpit with enormous boulders that form a barrier against the sea. Two jetties have been provided to allow access to the sea for bathing. Parasols and sunbeds are available for hire and there are several terraces and small restaurants in the area. This beach is quite uncomfortable to lie on.  You will find a much more pleasant beach approximately 100 metres further along which does offer immediate access to the sea. Please note: this beach can get extremely busy with the local beachgoers and guests from the hotels situated along the boulevard, especially during weekends. A magnificent view, parasols and beach chairs right in the centre of town. Not exactly a dream beach, but still very pleasant.

Pigeon Island

Vogeleiland KusadasiA plateau constructed from concrete and rocks has been built on part of Pigeon Island where you can sunbathe or go swimming in the sea using the ladders provided. This island also offers a wonderful view of the cruise ships and the town centre. Accessed via the long pier where most of the pleasure boats and fishing boats are moored. There is a restaurant with a terrace, parasols and sunbeds. No sand, but endless sea!

Papaz Hamam Beach

Papaz Hamam Beach KusadasiThere is a large pier that runs from the coast to Pigeon Island where most of the pleasure boats and fishing boats are moored. To the left of this pier is a small beach with rocky plateaus and a large sun terrace.

There is also a type of beach club. A restaurant terrace has been built on the rocks. It offers a wonderful view of both the Yilanciburnu peninsula and Pigeon Island with its ancient castle. Small and cosy, in the centre of town and not usually busy. Parasols and beach chairs available.

Yilanci Burnu (Snake Island)

Yilanci Burnu (Slangen-eiland) KusadasiSnake Island is so-called because the shape of the island resembles the head of a snake, so don't worry, you won't find any snakes here. Two beach clubs were built here in 2004. Snake Island lies adjacent to Pigeon Island. These clubs are intended for beachgoers with a taste for luxury.

Necco is a somewhat smaller club offering a beautiful view, restaurant, terrace, bar, beach chairs and parasols. The other club is Yade, one of the largest in Turkey. It offers 17,000 m² of endless beach enjoyment. No sand, but plenty of grassy areas, wooden plateaus and seaside jetties. A large luxurious restaurant with a separate large bar/disco constructed on piles in the sea. Yade has been used for numerous film recordings, including the Dutch series Costa. You won't find this type of club in Belgium and Holland, so it's really worth paying Yade a visit. These clubs offer a similar atmosphere to that found in the large beach clubs at Bloemendaal. The ultimate holiday experience. It goes without saying that all facilities are available. Luxury sun loungers (including doubles), parasols, bar, restaurants, snack bar, tennis court, basketball court, children's facilities, water sports and plenty of music.

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach KusadasiThe most popular (so the busiest) and the best beach on the Kuşadasi coastline is Ladies Beach which owes its name to the fact that the ladies of Kuşadasi were once able to bathe here unashamedly (without men being present). Nowadays, men are also welcome!

This beach is in a built-up area with many small hotels, hostels and summerhouses. Ladies Beach has a very pleasant boulevard with a large number of terraces and small shops. The beach is situated in a beautiful sandy bay running slowly into the sea allowing you to walk at least 20 to 30 metres into the sea before the water even rises above your knees. An ideal beach for children and for the less proficient swimmers. This beach is a kilometre long and is the most popular of all the beaches. If you enjoy a lively atmosphere, then this is the place for you: bustling, plenty of fun, countless parasols, rows of sun loungers, all manner of water sports, packed terraces... all providing that real feeling of summer!
This beach often featured in the Dutch series "Costa" (2001-2005). Please remember that the sea at Kuşadasi is usually quite calm, but it can become quite rough towards the end of the afternoon, especially in July and August. So Ladies Beach can be a fantastic place to enjoy some waves. This beach can be reached by the dolmuş from the city centre that passes here every 10 minutes.

Green Beach

Green Beach KusadasiGreen Beach is located 2 km further along and is on the same dolmuş route as Ladies Beach. This is a small bay with a beach no longer than 100 metres, and surrounded by cascading lawns. It is usually somewhat quiet in the spring and autumn season except during weekends. Parasols, beach chairs, terrace and pedalos. A small cosy beach.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach TurkijeSunset Beach is located 2 km further along at the end destination of the dolmuş. This isn't actually a beach, but a seaside beach club with grassy and concrete areas.

There are a large number of sun loungers and parasols are available, a bar and a short-menu restaurant. Sunset Beach is especially busy in the summer with visitors from Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia. A low entrance fee and no sand between the toes.

Long Beach (close to the villa)

Long Beach KusadasiApproximately 6 km to the south of Kuşadasi, there is a beach that runs to the National Park located in the small town of Güzel-Çamli. This beach is more than 15 km long, hence the name Long Beach, and offers views at the south to the mountains of Milli Park and out to the Greek island of Samos.

A great number of hotels have been built along the Long Beach Boulevard, the majority of which are complexes accommodating Turkish summerhouses. Many of the beachgoers here are Turkish holidaymakers looking to escape the summer heat of the large cities and to enjoy the cool coastal breezes. If you travel with the dolmuş to Long Beach, it will first pass the tourist beaches where most of the facilities can be found. There are also a number of larger hotels at Long Beach. Parasols, sun loungers and water sports (all types) are in abundance. The farther south you travel, the less tourism is evident. This is a sandy beach, with a few pebbles here and there, that runs gradually down into the sea. Long Beach is host to the Long Beach Club, the Silver Beach, the Gold Beach and the Love Beach: all of these beach clubs offer beach chairs and parasols for hire and all have terraces and restaurants. Long Beach is a fantastic beach offering maximum enjoyment.

National Park (Milli Park)

Nationaal Park (Mili Park)A dolmuş departs every 30 minutes from the Kuşadasi town centre to the Milli Park (National Park) in the south. The beauty of the beaches located in the natural surroundings of Milli Park are without equal. A crystal clear sea to the front and the rugged mountain range (up to 1200 metres high) of the Dilek peninsula to the rear.

After entering the park, the first beach can be found after approximately 1 kilometre on the right-hand side: İcmeler. This is the only sandy beach in the Milli Park. There are picnic tables, parasols, sun loungers, showers and toilet facilities. There is a restaurant by the sea which can often be quite choppy. The following beaches are pebble beaches, the first two of which also have showers, toilets and a restaurant. This is also the end destination of the dolmuş. The next two beaches are quite some distance on foot (approximately 2 to 3 km) and are noticeably quieter. Milli Park is quiet in the spring and autumn season, but can be much busier in the weekends, in fact much more like July and August. Insects can be somewhat of a nuisance in the autumn season. Milli Park can be reached by dolmuş or by own transport (car, scooter).

Pamuçak Beach

Pamucak strand KusadasiPamuçak beach is 7 kilometres long, and lies approximately 10 kilometres to the north of Kuşadasi. This is a long and wide (60 metres) beach that forms a natural border between the end of the Kucuk Mendederes river delta and the sea. The beach is made up of dunes, punctuated with marshy areas. The magnificent nature and the fact that this was originally a bird sanctuary have made this beach the ideal place for walks. The Kuşadasi -Selçuk line provides the only access route to this beach. Where this road meets the beach, there are a number of short-menu beach restaurants with a couple of beach chairs and parasols for hire. Regardless of whether you enter the beach to the left or to the right, there are kilometres of empty beach on both sides. It only gets somewhat busier in the months of July and August. If you walk a couple of kilometres to the north you will see a small river that crosses the sand, but this is followed by kilometres of quiet beach. An impressive sandy beach, a beautiful but somewhat cloudy sea. It is actually more like the North Sea due to the sand content of the water. You can travel there by dolmuş or by own transport.

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